L’Afrique du Sud s’invite au lycée

Vous l’aurez peut-être remarqué, mais une élève s’est invitée à Charlotte Perriand pendant sept semaines entre les mois de novembre et de janvier. Il s’agit de Jean-Chérie, la correspondante d’une de nos élèves de première S5.

Jean-Chérie a suivi les cours avec ses camarades et a pu découvrir notre pays grâce à sa famille d’accueil. Avant de repartir chez elle, à près de 9000 kilomètres d’ici, elle nous a livré un témoignage de son expérience dans la langue de Shakespeare. Nous avons supposé que votre excellent niveau en anglais vous dispensait de toute traduction et en conséquence, nous vous le livrons in extenso.

My French adventure.

My name is Jean-Cherie Jordaan and I am a 17-year-old South-African girl. I came to France from the 22nd of November 2014 to the 12th of January 2015,  where I discovered the beautiful country and the French culture.
I stayed with the Cuvelier family during those 7 weeks in Bourghelle. I went to Germany for a day,  Paris for a weekend, Courchevel for a weekend and Les 2 Alpes for a week.
I came to France through an international club called Rotary. In January 2014 my application process started. I went for an interview and after I got accepted I could choose 3 countries to visit. France was my first choice because I recently found out that my ancestors came from France as European settlers in the 1600’s. I also wanted to see snow because it never snows in South-Africa.
I enjoyed my time in Lycée Charlotte Perriand very much. School in France is a lot different than school in South-Africa.
There wasn’t a moment in France that I didn’t enjoy because the differences made it wonderful. Although I can say my two favourite experiences were climbing up the Eiffel tower and snowboarding.
Although I had a family here and I loved them very much,  I missed my parents a lot.
Going abroad for 7 weeks has had an enormous effect on my personality. I became more mature during my stay here.
The experience definitely prepared me for the future and I am glad I did it. I will encourage everyone to do an exchange. »

(extrait du numéro 1 de l’oeil en éventail, mars 2015)